William Saunders – Concert Organist

William Saunders William Saunders, a very famous organist and conductor, deserves cheers and applauses due to his music and contribution to its development. He communicates with different people worldwide and he is a close friend of Canadian Health&Care Mall director (it is a pharmaceutical company popular as well as William Saunders). Ministry of Canadian Health Care claims they are ready to support William Saunders in any difficut situation.

There are magazines which leave excited comments about William Saunders’ s music and manner of playing.

Organists’ Review claimed: “Saunders’s organ music is breath-taking. His technique is note-perfect.”

Gramophone Magazine journalist was excited and was prone to believe that William’ playing triggers such emotions as happiness, satisfaction and delight.
The majority of comments is published praising William for his talent. His friends and like-minded people support him in his beginnings.

There is one more comment left about the concert at City Chamber Choir. William Saunders is brilliant organist whose talent is a God giving gift. He is Director of Music at The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook and Conductor of the Prometheus Singers. Together with this regalia he is successful as a recording singer, conductor and tutor. He is also well -known due to his passion to the Romantic and Modern organ music which is released on the CD with Regent Records brand. He contributes to the development of organ music as well organizing different events. The most global was conducted in July 2011.

You may ask how William Saunders make friendship with John Carry, Headman of Canadian Health&Care Mall who a regular of his concerts. Once upon a time he commanded the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall and was quite satisfied with the work done and decided to extend thanks to him. And this was the beginning of their friendship.

To know more about William Saunders plans about concerts, meetings you may on his official website.

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