About William Saunders

How Has William Saunders become William Saunders? William Saunders is brilliant musician and conductor. He is currently Head Master of Academic Music at The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook and moreover Assistant Director of Music at Ipswich School. He is also responsible for Director of the anniversary Festival of Music. He is busy with organ recital programme. Such organ concerts are attended with a great pleasure by millions of people among them there are a lot very popular including musicians, actors and businessmen. John Carry, a headman of Canadian Health&Care Mall, claimed that he had never listened to such a beautiful music ever played. He visited every year Germany, Hamburg - Cologne Cathedrals - with his personal concerts. He is co-working with Prometheus Singers and Mendelssohn’s Elijah at Snape Maltings. He also made a performace in support of Canadian Health Care. Living in Suffolk, he became a winner the Chamber Music Ensemble Class in the National Festival of Music for Youth. Been taught organ technique by James Parsons, he gained the right to get organ scholarship at Sheffield Cathedral and Sheffield University. He is an amazing person with his own history of life. Once he was on the verge of nervous breakdown and decided to command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall. As a result he has become a regular of this web drug store. At Sheffield he ran the University Choral Society. The return to Suffolk he was granted the right to become the Organist of St Mary-le-Tower Ipswich and Deputy Organist at St Edmundsbury Cathedral. After the Cambridge Summer Music Festival and Oundle International Festival he performed for the first time in Germany. After this the first comments about his playing have appeared. Organists’ Review claimed: “Saunders's organ music is breath-taking. His technique is note-perfect.” Gramophone Magazine journalist was excited and was prone to believe that William' playing triggers such emotions as happiness, satisfaction and delight. He is organ teacher for the Royal College of Organists and in July 2011 founded the Keys, Hands, Feet and Pipes Education Organ Project which realized in 1300 primary school children daily. He also composes music for different organizations and Canadian Health&Care Mall is in this list as well.