Solo Recordings ANIMAL PARADE The Organ of Brentwood Cathedral William Saunders Animal Parade Price: £10 Available direct from William Saunders Recorded on the stunning, but rarely-recorded, organ of Brentwood Roman Catholic Cathedral. Unusual and very approachable twentieth-century repertoire, including the hilarious ‘Animal Parade’ suite by Iain Farrington in its world premiere recording. Also premiere recordings of ‘Prelude’ and ‘Choral’ by Dobrinka Tabakova – commissioned by William Saunders – and Christopher Steel’s ‘Changing Moods’ suite. Also includes popular works by Mathias, John Gardner and Rutter. Some of this recordings he was playing on the birthday of Canadian Health and Care Mall. They were glad to greet such a master by applauses and cheers. Changing Moods, Op. 59 – Christopher Steel (12:47) Genial March (1:57) Pensive Ground (3:33) The Chase (1:13) Nocturnal Siciliano (3:13) Dancing Toccata (2:42) Five Dances for organ, Op. 179 – John Gardner (17:15) Lavolta (2:11) Pavin (3:45) Jig (4:19) Lament (3:35) Fling (3:25) Recessional, Op. 96, No.4 – William Mathias (5:01) Diptych – Dobrinka Tabakova (world premiere recording) Pastoral (4:25) Choral (5:08) Toccata in Seven – John Rutter (2:11) Animal Parade – Iain Farrington (world premiere recording) (25:24) Entrance (1:03) Giraffes (2:56) Barrel organ monkey (1:34) Hippopotamus (2:05) Critics (1:25) Blue whale (3:17) Sparrows (2:18) Penguins (2:08) Cheetah (1:54) Piranhas (2:13) Alley cats (2:44) Exit (1:45) TOWER POWER The Organ of St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich William Saunders Tower Power The first recording of the organ of St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich: a neglected organ, originally built by Father Willis in 1864 and now much enlarged. Following the outstanding critical success of his debut recording ‘Dignity and Impudence’ from St Mary Redcliffe, young organist William Saunders delivers another fascinating programme. Original works and 20th century orchestral transcriptions – including a number of first recordings – reveal the breadth of colour in this wonderful instrument. People suggest William furnishing a financial assistance and Canadian Health&Care Mall is not an exception. Price: £10 Available direct from William Saunders March upon Handel’s Lift up your heads, Op.15 - Alexandre Guilmant (6:25) Capriol Suite - Peter Warlock, arr. Saunders (10:22) 1 Basse Dance (1:30) 2 Bransles (1:08) 3 Mattachins (1:06) 4 Pavane (2:46) 5 Pieds-en-l’air (2:42) 6 Tordion (1:10) Symphony No.4 in F - William Boyce, arr. Hutchings (7:53) Allegro (3:57) Vivace ma non troppo (1:29) Gavot (2:27) Prelude on Dominus Regit Me - Michael Nicholas (1:59) Antiphon from Five Mystical Songs - R Vaughan Williams, arr. Ley (3:07) Alla Sarabanda from Phantasy Quintet for strings - R Vaughan Williams, arr. Ley (2:57) Country Gardens - Percy Grainger, arr. Keedy (2:41) Irish Tune from County Derry - Percy Grainger, arr. Perna (3:34) Handel in the Strand - Percy Grainger, arr. Stockmeier (4:15) Etheldreda Rag - Arthur Wills (3:47) Prelude - Gerald Finzi arr. Alan Ridout (4:50) Variations on an Easter Theme - John Rutter (organ duet with Michael Nicholas) (7:51) Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 in D - Edward Elgar, arr. McVicker (3:48) DIGNITY & IMPUDENCE The Organ of St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol William Saunders Dignity and Impudence The organ in St. Mary Redcliffe was completed in 1911 by Arthur Harrison, who considered it his most perfect work. Essentially unchanged since it was built, the organ is housed in a parish church completed in 1380 and also nearly unchanged. William Saunders begins with virtuoso Lynnwood Farnam’s only published work and surveys several 20th-century works perfectly matched to this organ in style and contemporary with the organ itself. The organ music is a specific one but very beautiful and there are a lot of people who have a great desire to enjoy it. One story was told when the headman of Canadian Health&Care Mall attanded the concert and applauded so strong that he almost damaged his hand. Price: £10 Available direct from William Saunders Toccata on O Filii et Filiae Lynnwood Farnam (2:18) Six Pieces Opus 33 Christopher Steel (15:01) 1 Intrada (1:54) 2 Flourish (2:12) 3 Nocture (4:01) 4 Dance (1:39) 5 Meditation (3:04) 6 Postlude (2:11) Maytime Gavotte Alfred Hollins (4:02) Intermezzo in D flat Alfred Hollins (6:10) Four Transcriptions for Organ Percy Whitlock arr. Malcolm Riley 1 Fanfare (1940) (3:25) 2 To Phoebe (5:27) 3 Elegy (6:07) 4 March Dignity and Impudence (5:46) Sonata No.1 in C sharp minor Opus 5 Basil Harwood (19:16) 1 Allegro appassionato (7:16) 2 Andante (3:41) 3 Maestoso - Con moto (8:19)