Suggestions of Definitive Care Provided by Canadian HealthCare Mall

Hospital EMCC Capacity GoalsHospital EMCC Capacity Goals

Suggestion 2.1: Every hospital with an ICU should plan and prepare to provide EMCC and should do so in coordination with regional hospital planning efforts.

The Task Force believes that all critical care centers should be committed to preparing for and responding to disasters. EMCC planning and implementation, though, cannot occur in isolation from the rest of the preparedness and response efforts of the hospital. Individual hospitals, too, are cautioned against preparing in isolation, and are encouraged to coordinate with other local health-care entities because resource and planning obligations can be met more efficiently when shared among all local healthcare institutions (Canadian health-care coalition; for this article, health-care coalition refers to an organization that coordinates local health-care entities; for communities without formal coalition organizations, the reader should consider the term coalition to refer to the loosely organized local health-care system entities together with the local public health organization). All the information about health-care coalitions may be found surfing the Internet writing down the exact phrase. Critical care providers should therefore work with both hospital and coalition partners to ensure that critical care services are considered for and integrated into planning for Canadian health-care system surge capacity. This coordination of preparedness activities will allow for uniform implementation of altered critical care processes by all hospitals, when warranted during a disaster.

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